by on December 9, 2019
A notable example of quality Italian design and exquisite workmanship weaved into a single unit, the Diesel Mini Daddy Dual Time DZ7308 Mens Watch is more of a work of art than being just a fashionable timepiece. It has been built to suit a vast range of lifestyles and tastes at a price that's so very affordable. There's no beating Diesel when it comes to bold, out of the box designs and the Diesel Mini Daddy Dual Time Mens Watch proves it once again! Some might also say there are lots of bells and whistles that go into the Diesel watches, which is true for some of its watches but with the Mini Daddy Dual time, Diesel took care that it just stays full to the brim and not overflow. The Diesel Advanced Dual Time DZ7308 Men Watch showers you with its uniqueness. It is outstandingly different from other dual time watches. Instead of throwing in two different dials for two different time zones, Diesel introduced two rotating discs with the hour and minute markings at 9'o clock. The inner disc is the one that denotes the minutes and the outer one, the hours. There's a small, red arrow tip on the curved steel bracket; the numbers aligning to that is the time it's showing. The other one is a regular dial, with three hands. This one is for keeping home time while the disc denotes the second time zone. However, there are no hard and fast rules regarding that, you may choose what's convenient for you. They have dedicated crown assigned to them, so there's no risk of jumbling up home time to set the other, or vice versa. The Diesel Machinus Dual Time DZ7308 Mens Watch fits into any form of active lifestyles. No, it's certainly not the watch you can go rock climbing with, but travelling and recreational outdoor sports are just fine with it. Its excellent build in quality materials vouch for its ruggedness, which is well-concealed to make the Diesel Mini Daddy Dual Time DZ7308 Mens Watch fit into the urban life easier. It's the kind of watch you can wear with everything except for strict formals, which also makes it an ideal timepiece for Friday dressing, for the weekend and also for the vacations offshore. The leather strap is impressive and it's very high quality, genuine leather that softens with use. Wide, strong and supple compared to other leather straps at the beginning, it provides a firm grip around the wrist right from day one. It looks edgy and rugged; as much as the mirrored and polished reverse of the watch with the Diesel emblem (Only the Brave) etched into it. is Canada's premier online store for Wrist Watches. We source our watches in bulk from suppliers around the world, and that allows us to get great deals and keep the prices low. We offer FREE DHL Express Shipping on all domestic orders! Depending on your location, you can expect your order to reach you anywhere between 2-4 days. For other countries our shipping rates are very reasonable and you can choose the shipping method while checking out. Click Here For More Information : Diesel Advanced And Diesel Machinus
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